Tuesday, July 11, 2017

“Wes, I understand you’re passionate about the Gulfstream Hotel. But can you explain why?”

Allow me to explain this way, from a Letter to Editor at The Palm Beach Post dated April 4th, 1994:

“It [the Pennsylvania Hotel] is one of the few remaining structures from the city’s glorious but fading past.

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And there is more. The Gulfstream Hotel in January 2016, the Pennsylvania Hotel, and the Belleview Biltmore: What history teaches us about historic preservation.

That’s why I’m posting “Daily Progress Reports” on this blog every day. Allowed to continue — not taking the steps and doing what’s necessary to preserve and care for this structure — the Gulfstream Hotel will be demolished. That’s a certainty.

Just because this historic structure is on the National Register of Historic Places offers no relief from the wrecking ball once the building is allowed to deteriorate to the point of falling apart. There’s a name for this process: it’s called “demolition by neglect”.

“Preserving Tomorrow” the sign says at the Gulfstream Hotel: Hudson Holdings “is a national historic property developer and a leader in urban development and management”.

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