Saturday, June 16, 2018

News from Palm Beach Post reporter Lady Hereford, “Neighborhood groups multiply in Lake Worth”.

By the way, did you know the July 4th Great American Raft Race (formerly called “Tropic Fest”) is only eighteen days away?

“In five years, the number of coalitions, mostly neighborhood associations, has grown from
three to 11.”

Published in the Neighborhood Post, June 2nd, 2002 (see newspaper clipping below).

A man named Herman C. Robinson was quoted in this article,

“Recently, the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association challenged the other associations to a raft regatta, which will be held during the Tropic Fest on July 4.”

Mr. Herman C. Robinson is now District 4 Commissioner Herman Robinson.

Continued from page 1 . . . “Businesses, residents, churches uniting around common goals”.

This newspaper clipping is from sixteen years ago.
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Click on this link to learn more about the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council. The NAPC is also on Facebook.