Tuesday, July 18, 2017

News last night from the City of Greenacres

Do you remember this news from The Lake Worth Herald:

“Applications are being accepted from residents . . . who would like to serve a temporary unexpired term of office on the City Council until the Municipal Election held in March 2019.”
Here’s the latest:

“The City of Greenacres appointed John Tharp to District 1 Council at tonight’s City Council Meeting. He will serve the unexpired term until March 2019.”
From the City of Greenacres’ Facebook page.

Question: The City of Lake Worth does not have an official Facebook page. Can anyone think of a legitimate reason why?

This might be a good question to ask at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting tonight during public comment, don’t you think?

Meet Councilor John Tharp:

Wait a day or two and check out the city’s website to learn more about the new councilor for the City of Greenacres.