Friday, July 21, 2017

Just in case you missed this from yesterday.

MUST READ, by Betsi and Jim Hill, “Lake Worth and Lantana: A Florida Culinary Tour”.

From the article in “Confetti Travel Cafe we learn this:

  • Taste History Culinary Tours “are very popular and sell out quickly. Lori [Lori J. Durante] recommends that you book ahead.”
  • Taste History can arrange private tours during the week.
  • To learn more about Palm Beach County, all while eating delicious food, check out Taste History’s website:
Experience Lake Worth and Lantana like a local with Taste History Culinary Tours, a company that offers not only great food but art and history of the area as well. Taste History is a multi-dimensional experience that focuses on neighborhoods with an emerging art scene, lots of local history, and great food from family-owned eateries. This Florida culinary tour will be a trip highlight.

and. . .

Lake Worth is filled with street art. As we walked, Lori pointed out some of the more impressive murals and shared some of the art projects that the city has planned for the future. Inside the Post Office is one of Joseph D. Myers paintings, “Settler Fighting Alligator from Rowboat.”

and. . .

We cannot recommend this tour enough! Each stop brought awareness to the culture and flavor of Lake Worth and Lantana. The tours are perfect for both new visitors to the area and locals. No tour is alike, so there is always an element of surprise.

Some of our local popular spots highlighted in the news article are:

To contact Lori Durante at Taste History Culinary Tours, call 561-638-8277 or 561-243-2662. Make sure to follow on Twitter as well: @TasteHistory

For the Taste History blog and to see the many glowing media reporting about this tour, use this link.