Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A few “notes, news, and observations” from the City Commission meeting last night.

Excellent presentation by Chip Guthrie on the First Appearance Program:

The “initial court proceeding where an arrestee from the previous day stands before a judge who decides bail and other pre-trial conditions.”

Tammy Pansa, Richard Guercio, and Lake Worth CRA Director Joan Oliva were lauded for their volunteer efforts and promoting this new program.

and. . .

  • Chip Guthrie pointed out, prostitution and petty street crime is not “victimless”. The community is the victim. To get involved with the First Appearance Program send an email to
  • And Chip added, “the business community needs to get more involved”.
  • PBSO Cpt. Todd Baer in quarterly update: Focusing on “blight hotspots” is working very well.
  • Mayor Pam Triolo is meeting with Gov. Rick Scott in August. To get the money for our Park of Commerce? City got stiffed three times by the “jobs creator”.
  • Greenacres’ Councilman Anderson Thelusme was in attendance. He was warmly greeted by the electeds and residents of the City of Lake Worth.
  • Finally over? “Discussion with REG Architects, Inc., and The Morganti Group, Inc.,” vis-à-vis the “tolling agreement” at our City’s Casino at the Beach? We”ll find out at the next Commission meeting on August 1st.
  • Meritage Homes’ “Lake Cove” housing project passed unanimously on First Reading. Second Reading coming up next.
  • Commissioner Herman Robinson showing a bit of frustration: What’s going on with the Sister City Board? Recreation Board?
  • Bus service coming to the Lake Worth Beach? Commissioner Andy Amoroso meeting with County Commissioner Dave Kerner today. Maybe another “Lolly the Trolley?
  • Commissioner Omari Hardy: “We have to get creative with CDBG grant money.”
  • Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell (Happy 100th Birthday!): “There was a time we took each day one day at a time . . . but now we’re looking to the future.”

Thank You for visiting today and hope you found these “notes and observations” helpful.

To watch this City Commission meeting on YouTube use this link and go to the 3:00 mark (following a video of the July 4th festivities here in the little City of Lake Worth).