Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4th in the little City of Lake Worth! See some of the photos below.

A spectacular day. Visit my YouTube channel* to see all of the latest videos as they begin rolling out of the parade, the Great American Raft Race, and the fireworks show as well.

How did 5 rafts make it into the final heat when it was supposed to be the winner and 2nd place finisher of heat #1 and heat #2? The official line is that was a “clerical error” and didn’t affect the outcome in any way: the Parrot Cove raft (see photo below) was the big winner. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for the official updates and transfer of bragging rights by NAPC President Jon Faust to be held on July 18th, the next City Commission meeting. Don’t be surprised to see a protest of some sort on the steps of City Hall by the South Palm Park Neighborhood Assoc. They had a very valid dispute with one of the trophies handed out, but of course, that dispute was duly noted and then summarily dismissed per Raft Race Rule #1: there are no rules.

Click on images to enlarge:
Along the parade route on Lake Ave. to Bryant Park.

Lots of very happy and excited Raft Race Parade participants.

First in line: the “Mad Hatter” entry.

Little did we know this raft would be the big winner. The result was challenged and quickly dismissed. Yes. Canadians are allowed to be rowers!

One of the colorfully adorned vehicles in the parade.

Who is this? Would it be West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio? Yes it is!

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