Friday, July 14, 2017

In this week’s Lake Worth Herald: “Notice of Public Hearing for Placement of Special Assessment on Tax Roll”.

Get Ready. If you thought the public reaction was a sight to behold when this news broke:

“[V]ehicles in Lake Worth that have more than three unpaid parking violations this ordinance gives the authority to ‘boot’ a vehicle if it is improperly parked and an enforcement officer is writing a fourth or greater ticket.”

And there will be others who will say, “It’s about time!” on hearing this news below:

[Note: the notice below was re-formatted with highlights and links added.]

As required by section 197.3632, Florida Statutes, the City of Lake Worth City Commission hereby publishes notice. . .

. . . that all real property located within the boundaries of the City of Lake Worth that receive nuisance abatement services (lot clearings, board and secures, and demolitions) and remain encumbered by an unpaid special assessment for such services will be subject to the collection of these unpaid assessments using the tax bill uniform collection method.
     These assessments will be collected by the Palm Beach County Tax Collector, and a failure to pay such assessment will cause a tax certificate to be issued against the assessed property which may result in the loss of title to such property. Each nuisance abatement service assessment is based upon the actual costs incurred by the City in the abatement of the particular nuisance on each property affected.
     The City Commission will hold a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. on August 1, 2017, in the City Commission Chambers located at 7 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth Florida, to receive comments on the proposed nuisance abatement services tax roll.
     All affected property owners have the right to appear at the hearing and the right to file written objections with the City Commission . . . Please include your name, parcel number, and the reason you object to the assessment on all written objections and address the same as follows:
  • City Manager.
  • “Objections to Non-Ad Valorem Assessments”.
  • 7 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL 33460.
If you decide to appeal any decision made by the City Commission with respect to any matter considered at the hearing, you will need a record of the proceedings and may need to ensure that a verbatim record is made, including the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be made.

“Copies of the preliminary assessment roll are available for inspection at the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall.”