Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tomorrow. City of Lake Worth’s Tree Board meeting (see agenda below).

Now that we’re in Hurricane Season how much do you know about the “Australian Pine: The risks and dangers” of that invasive tree, including the harm it does to our native animals (birds and reptiles) and plants as well?

To find out more try attending this Tree Board meeting tomorrow.

City Tree Board meetings are held at City Hall, the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30.* There are no vacancies on the Tree Board right now, but if you would like to learn about other boards that need a volunteer, here is the contact person at the City:
The staff liaison for the Tree Board is Mr. Dave McGrew from the Parks Department and you can contact him for additional information at 561-586-1677 or by email:

Tree Board, “establishes policy and provides standards within the City Landscape Ordinance for tree preservation. Policy includes educational materials (proper planting, pruning, and insect and disease control), permit guidelines, and City tree sale program.” Members serve 3 year terms.

Here is the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting:

City Hall Conference Room at 5:30.
  • Call to order.
  • Members present.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Agenda: Additions, deletions, reordering.
  • Approval of minutes.
  • Public participation on non-agenda items.
  • New business: Advisors report (5 min.).
  • Old business: Native Tree Alternative (10 min.); Hometown Habitats screening at Lake Worth Library (10 min.); Gumbo Limbo Planter native plant butterfly garden (10 min.); Landscape Ordinance review and recommendations (1 hr. 40 min.).

    *One of more members of any board, authority, or City Commission member may attend and speak at any publicly noticed meeting of another board, authority or commission.