Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another “Correction” in The Palm Beach Post.

“Because of a reporting error, The Palm Beach Post Friday [July 14th] incorrectly stated that police had released a video of the Venus Williams crash that was captured by a camera on the guardhouse at BallenIsles Country Club. The camera was at the Steeplechase guardhouse. The error appeared on Page 3 of the Local & Business section.”

There was no “Correction” or even a “Clarification” for this recent error in the Post:

“The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has scheduled a public workshop* to be held July 31 in Lake Worth to gather input on Goliath grouper management, including the possibility of a limited harvest in Florida state waters.”

This upcoming workshop on Goliath grouper management is not “in Lake Worth”.

This workshop will be held at the Lantana Road Branch Library located at 4020 Lantana Rd., west of Lantana, in suburban Lake Worth.

The library’s Zip Code is 33462:
*For more information about this upcoming workshop, contact Amanda Nalley at the FWC. Call 850-410-4943 or send an email: