Friday, July 21, 2017

Surprising news: We do have septic tanks east of I-95 within the City of Lake Worth!

Do you remember WPTV/NBC5 reporter Andrew Lofholm’s story about a “toxic tide” here in the City of Lake Worth that didn’t happen here in our City?

Read more about that below. But get this:

One of the surprise revelations to come of Meritage Homes’ Lake Cove housing project next to Vernon Heights at the Planning & Zoning Board meeting last June was there are some homes still on septic tanks east of I-95. However, this will be remedied when the project begins and new sewer lines are installed along with the City’s Neighborhood Road Program and new street construction.

[If you didn’t know, the “Lake Cove” housing project passed unanimously on First Reading at the City Commission last Tuesday. Second Reading is August 1st. Although this news broke last May it remains unreported in the Post.]

Are there other areas in the City still on septic? Areas west of I-95, e.g., the Lake Osborne area and in the vicinity of our Park of Commerce? If that’s the case then this is something a reporter such as Mr. Lofholm needs to investigate. And quickly.

What if THERE IS sewage overflowing in our City?

And that human waste makes it into our storm drains, leaks into our acquifer, and maybe even into Lake Osborne itself? If sewage gets into Lake Osborne that human waste will then make it into the L-4 (Keller) Canal, then to the C-51 Canal, into the Intracoastal, and then into the ocean. That cannot be allowed to happen.

We simply have to be more responsible and set an example for all those communities along the Indian River Lagoon.

Any areas within our City limits still on septic MUST BE PUT ON MUNICIPAL SEWER. Why? Because besides being an environmental hazard it’s also a health issue. Below is an excerpt from the text of this news segment by the WPTV’s Mr. Lofholm which gives the incorrect location — the actual location is SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH — however, every step needs to be taken so something like this never happens in our City:

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - This story stinks. [yes, it does]
     Overflowing, fresh sewage pouring into a Lake Worth apartment complex parking lot. Tenants say it’s been happening for a year! A fed up renter called NewsChannel 5, saying nothing has been done about this health hazard.
     Around 6 p.m. every night, a toxic tide rolls in.

Stay tuned for more about this situation.