Monday, June 19, 2017

Lake Worth City Commission meeting tomorrow at 6:00: A few reasons to show up early.

First, Commissioner Andy Amoroso will be out of town this week and not in attendance. This will be his first missed Commission meeting since first getting elected in 2011.

And am happy to hear more and more of the public are watching City Commission meetings Live Streaming. To do that is very easy. Go to the City’s website at 6:00, scroll down, and you’ll find the YouTube video feed. Once the meeting is over these meetings are archived (to find the list of previous Commission meetings use this link).

Commission meetings begin at 6:00 sharp. However, at 5:00 tomorrow the City Commission will be having a “closed-door session with City Attorney Glen Torcivia (so the regularly scheduled Commission meeting may start a few minutes late). But you’ll want to be there early and get a good seat for some special items on the agenda tomorrow.

The “Grapes of Wrath” Raft Race crew in 2015: Mayor Pam Triolo, City Manager Michael Bornstein (center), and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell.
Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Assoc. will be giving an update (item 5A on agenda). More news about the upcoming Raft Race on July 4th? Here’s the latest press release from the City about our Raft Race (big meeting next Sunday).

And following the Tropical Ridge update are these two items:

  • Proclamation declaring June 5–9, 2017, as Code Enforcement Officers’ Appreciation Week.
  • Proclamation recognizing Banyan Printing for their 40th Anniversary.
Thank you Banyan Printing for being a Lake Worth business for FORTY YEARS!