Saturday, June 9, 2018

“From Where I Sit. . .”, by Pelican Pete.*

From The Lake Worth Herald in June last year,
two weeks before the July 4th Raft Race:
“Look over there, Mabel. That nasty blob floating in the water. Is that blue-green algae? Call CBS12! And what’s that beat reporters name again?”

Don’t be tricked by rumors and tall tales of blue-green floating blobs or a ‘plague’ of beta-Methylamino-ʟ-alanine either!

There are no rules in the July 4th Great American Raft Race. If you want, you can even make up buckets of blue-green jello blobs to pysch-out competitors, make them scream with fear!

*Please note: The electeds on the Lake Worth City Commission and City Manager Michael Bornstein WILL HAVE A RAFT in this year’s July 4th Raft Race as is the case every year but as is usually the case, it’s just for show. And also stay tuned for the schedule of pre-Raft Race festivities, the captain’s meeting which is mandatory but not really, and the heats coming up to test rafts which are supposed to be done in secret but never are.