Sunday, July 2, 2017

“Comprehensive Guide To Lake Worth 4th of July”

Written by Darien Davies at The Atlantic Current.

Use this link to read the entire article and send this to your friends and neighbors. From the article:

“Be prepared, Lake Worth is going to be bringing in some of the hottest local and national bands for your auditory pleasure. The City has partnered with The Nine Society to bring back a more concentrated arts and entertainment district, and they’re starting hard with the music scene.
     Part of the revitalization of music is to secure better bands, expanding Lake Worth’s musical horizons, and 4th of July is one of the avenues with which they’re shining a spotlight on Lake Worth. Do yourself a favor and gather the friends, dance and repeat.”

The reporter’s entertaining article has everything you need to know from the Star Spangled Band Showcase (July 3rd, 5:00–10:00), the July 4th Parade and Raft Race (parade at 11:30; race starts at 1:00), and all the days festivities and bands.
     Then at 7:00 is “the ridiculously talented Matthew Curry plays for the first time in Lake Worth.” At 9:00 is the Fireworks and following the show is “Gettin’ Local”:

“The fireworks should be over by roughly 9:30 p.m. so if you’re still in the party mode, head back downtown.”

or. . .

     “If you prefer a more relaxed, post-party scene, head back to (or stay at) the beach. Enjoy some cocktails and food at Benny’s on the Beach or Mulligan’s Beach House, or grab a slice of pizza at Mamma Mia’s on the Beach. If you want to get really down and local, head to the Beach Club Lake Worth at the Lake Worth Golf Course where they host a 4th of July BBQ.”

Reporter Darien Davies on parking in the City of Lake Worth:

“Parking is flexible and you can either park anywhere downtown on the main streets or side streets. If you feel like walking, you are welcome to park at the beach and walk across the bridge to be a part of all the action.
     Every event is free to attend so feel welcome to join in the fun at every corner. Make sure you enjoy the parade as it is a showcase of the different neighborhoods and is a fun way to get a flavor of Lake Worth.”