Saturday, June 10, 2017

City Press Release: “First Neighborhood Road Program Project Complete”.

“The Neighborhood Road Program is in full swing and we’re currently in different phases of design on the remaining Year 1 and all of the Year 2 projects. Our great residents of the City have been waiting a long time for these substantial infrastructure improvements and now we finally get to see some fresh asphalt hit the road after years of program development. The City has an exciting four years ahead.”
Jamie Brown, Director, City of Lake Worth Public Services.

For more information contact Ben Kerr, the Communications Specialist for the City of Lake Worth. Call 561-586-1631; email:

“On June 8th the first road project of the City of Lake Worth’s Neighborhood Road Program (NRP) was completed. The project included milling and resurfacing the roadway, thermoplastic striping and new curb ramps at the crosswalks along 14th Ave. South between Tropical Drive and Burton Road. This was one of three initial projects undertaken as part of the NRP, the other two projects currently under construction are Auburn Drive and Harbor Drive.
     Additional year 1 and year 2 projects are currently in design and a continued program of district-based public outreach meetings for each year of projects is providing useful feedback to the City from impacted residents. Construction on remaining year 1 Roadway Only projects should begin in September or October of this year. Year 1 projects involving underground construction are expected to be underway in November.”

Located in central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the City by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.