Monday, June 18, 2018

City of Lake Worth news. Front page headline: “New CRA Chief Hopeful”.

LAKE WORTH — Imagine living in a one-stop quality Lake Worth that residents, business owners and all those involved with its redevelopment can be proud of.
     It can happen here for those are the goals of Joan Oliva, someone who has the experience and position to make it all come about.
     Oliva starts Monday as new executive director of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
     “Revitalization takes time, especially when it is done well,” Oliva says.

The front page news above is from reporter Leonard Saffir in The Lake Worth Herald dated January 3rd, 2008.

“Neighborhood revitalization, in concert with redevelopment, must be encouraged to increase value, stability and a sense of community pride.

For a stroll down memory lane use this link. Learn about some of the headwinds the Lake Worth CRA’s Exec. Dir. Joan Oliva had to face back in 2008–2009.

Do you remember the $23M NSP2 grant?

“Both the City and the CRA were eligible to apply for the funds. Leading up to the grant application’s deadline, it became apparent that the City administration (Susan Stanton was the city manager in September 2009) and the City Commission (which included Cara Jennings, JoAnn Golden, and Susan Mulvehill) had demonstrated no interest in assisting the CRA or applying for the grant money itself.
     Wanting to make sure Lake Worth didn’t miss out on this opportunity to address slum and blight in a big way the CRA went ahead and made the application itself, without any help from the City Commission at the time.”