Wednesday, May 3, 2017

“Wellington has an issue with Arden development: It’s NOT in Wellington!”

The title above is from an article by the Post’s beat reporter Matt Morgan. Use this link to read the entire article which provides a good framework for the City Commission and administration here in the City of Lake Worth when they truly get around to protecting “our brand” and educating the public about our municipal borders and things like the “Lake Worth Corridor” too.

It’s good to read an elected official saying it “infuriates him” businesses and developers are using the Village of Wellington’s brand to promote themselves in unincorporated County. The most you ever get from an elected official here in Lake Worth is maybe a slight annoyance and nothing more. Anyhow, here are two excerpts:

The Wellington Village Council thinks the village has a branding problem.
     Or, more specifically, it has a problem with developers and businesses using the Wellington name even though they’re not in the village.
     The most recent case is Arden, a nature-focused new community that’s located miles west of Wellington’s borders. [emphasis added] It’s in unincorporated Palm Beach County, west of Loxahatchee Groves and Lion Country Safari.

and. . .

     It’s a big deal for the council because it could mislead people who want to buy a home in Wellington and don’t realize it’s not in the village, McGovern [Vice Mayor John McGovern] said.
     When someone buys a home in one of these outside communities, Wellington doesn’t see any benefit in taxes or otherwise.
     “We want people who desire and intend to live here to know that by going there that is not what we’re doing,” McGovern said.