Thursday, November 2, 2017

“View of bridge leading to downtown area. Lake Worth, Florida. 1953.”

Black & white photoprint, 9 × 10″. Image from the State Archives of Florida. “Florida Memory adds approximately 100 photos weekly.” To see recently added photos use this link.
The Gulfsteam Hotel is in this view. During this era there were visitors staying at our Downtown hotel. Today, 64 years later, this historic structure is a vacant eyesore. But. . .

Almost 7 months ago Sun Sentinel reporter Arlene Satchell reported this news:
“We’ll do a complete rehabilitation of the whole building from top to bottom.”
We’re still waiting for an update. Here are more excerpts from the article:

     “We’re bringing back that vibrancy [emphasis added] to the hotel, which in turn brings back vibrancy to the downtown district,” said Michael [Steven Michael, principal of developer Hudson Holdings]. “Lake Worth has tremendous, tremendous potential… [it’s] a sleeping giant. Once this is renovated and this is vibrant again, it will be the catalyst to really bring more investors and development into downtown Lake Worth.”

and. . .

     “Lake Worth has tremendous potential to become a super vibrant downtown district,” Michael said. “It’s already a vibrant downtown district but it could be grown to a much bigger level.”