Tuesday, May 30, 2017

“This past midterm election, which is used as an example. . .

. . . of what our elected officials think in what direction we should be going, is based on a 5 percent voter turnout. That leaves 95 percent of voters silent on the future of Lake Worth.”

—Another quote from that absurd Letter to the Editor published in The Palm Beach Post. Remember the line, “The Gulfstream Hotel should be taken back by the city. . .”?

Adding the numbers from all the precincts reporting last March 14th, my numbers show the voter turnout was closer to 15% than 5%. Regardless, the voter turnout was dismal all over Palm Beach County, not just in the City of Lake Worth.

But isn’t the bigger issue why a 3-term incumbent couldn’t even muster 1,000 votes? Click on image to enlarge:
Here’s another line from that letter: “No more empty promises from developers.Check out these pictures from yesterday:

“This focus on growth and profit over quality of life only leads to debt and blight.

“This business model puts undue hardship on the majority who live and work in Lake Worth.

Coming soon. . .

Oh, No! Developers are here!

What’s next! A store selling men’s pants?