Thursday, May 18, 2017

“Should we be getting ready? It’s only 47 days until the July 4th Raft Race.”

The theme for this year’s Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC) 16th Annual July 4th Great American Raft Race is “Under The Big Top:
  • Noun: “A large tent at a circus under which the main attractions are featured. Used figuratively to refer to the location where a primary or major event, show, or attraction is held.
  • Adjective: “Featured as the primary or major event, attraction, show, etc.” 
We’ll have two new electeds in the race this year: District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy and District 4 Commissioner Herman Robinson.

Don’t forget what local beat reporters and TV news media did last year to cancel our Raft Race. Don’t let that nonsense happen again.
Remember last year? That ridiculous ‘news’ published in the Post that wasn’t true at all?

“The raft race is a glorious mixture of fun and games and I hate thinking it should be cancelled”. It never did need to be cancelled.

And also don’t forget the sponsors last year who stood by the NAPC and did their best to make it a great holiday weekend after all.

Click on image to enlarge from last year’s Raft Race.
“Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors”.