Friday, July 14, 2017

“Historic Structure Marker Program” in the City of Lake Worth.

At the First Inaugural Lake Worth Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony the City’s historic preservation staff introduced its Historic Structure Marker Program. You can see what one looks like:

To learn more about the ceremony last March and watch the video as well, use this link.

There is a simple form to fill out which will act as the order form (information below). The staff will confirm the approximate date of construction of the structure. You need to include your contact information, address of the structure, phone number, etc. The plaque costs $111 and checks are made payable to: Franklin Bronze Plaques. Submit the check with the filled out form.

Once the city has received a minimum of 2 plaque requests the order will be placed (free shipping is available with 2 or more orders). They will be shipped to the City’s office (at 1900 2nd Ave. North) and you will be contacted when your plaque arrives for pick-up.

To contact the City’s Historic Preservation Dept. for the form call 561-586-1687 and ask for the planner on call (Monday–Friday, 10:00–3:00), or email the Preservation Planning Coordinator, Aimee Sunny: