Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heavy Sigh.

And meanwhile our Gulfstream Hotel in Downtown Lake Worth continues to sit. Vacant, neglected, and a community eyesore. Our local beat reporter at the Post reported it was all because of Code Enforcement. Remember that nonsense?

So sad isn’t it? Delray Beach gets another hotel and we can’t even have one. Next year’s Street Painting Festival will be another one without our City having a hotel Downtown.

But reporters continue to happily spread the company line, this time from the Sun Sentinel, “Lake Worth’s historic Gulfstream Hotel slated for $80 million makeover”:

“Our plans are to rehabilitate this hotel [and] bring it back to its historic significance in the public areas, the lobby, corridors etc.,” said Steven Michael, principal of developer Hudson Holdings during a tour Friday [April 10th]. “We’ll do a complete rehabilitation of the whole building from top to bottom.”

Heavy Sigh.