Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Call For Photographers: ART Studio Café hosting exhibit, “It’s a Beautiful World Out There”.

Please Note: The deadline is tomorrow to submit photographs for this exhibit.

The ART Studio Café is located at 410 2nd Ave. North. Show opens Friday, June 2nd. More details below.
Photo credit: Shawn Moss‎ titled, “Light painting with the cars 2”.

SHOW OPEN TO ALL. Non-professional photographers welcome. Submit 2 pieces for approval to exhibit.

Show will open Friday, June 2nd, at 6:00 with a wine & cheese reception. All pieces exhibited will be for sale for 3 weeks (studio takes 20%).
  • Submit/exhibit fee is $35 (limit 2 pieces per person).
  • Pieces need to be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 31st.
  • Questions please call 561-667-3923.
Photographs must show “It’s a Beautiful World Out There”, e.g., if it’s a park bench with pigeon you have to illustrate “where”.

All works must be titled, signed, labelled with photographer’s name and brief description.