Saturday, July 15, 2017

A little down? Did you think change was going to happen a lot faster in our little City of Lake Worth?

Don’t be down. Be patient.

Our City is a much different place after the elections last March and the change you were hoping for is coming.

A photo taken last December of “The Grinch” with then-citizens Messrs. Herman C. Robinson and Omari Jamal-Hatchett Hardy:
Stay Positive! In government, even local city governments, there is always a resistance to change. Be patient. Next March 13th, Election Day, will be the day to have your voice heard.  

If you’re interested, there is a theory long-talked about, why Mr. Omari Hardy defeated the 3-term commissioner in District 2 (labelled “seismic” by the Post soon afterwards), and why Mr. Herman Robinson, thought destined for a run-off, won handily in District 4:

If the theory proves right, there has been a major shift of power here in this little City of Lake Worth. You can call it, “the rise of the middle”. A local politico has bandied about this theory for many years and it does help to explain a lot of things. Our City has, or had, three major factions vying for political control. Two of them were dominant for many decades, forming an alliance; but that dominance is now over following the elections last March.

Some time soon contact Commissioner Robinson and Commissioner Hardy and tell them you support them and ask how you can help.

Don’t do what everybody else does and contact elected officials just to complain and moan about everything. 

There’s too much work to be done.

“How do I contact commissioners Robinson and Hardy?” It’s easy: use this link.