Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Glass Quest 2017: Presentations, exhibitions, and roundtables from “glass visionaries and industry leaders.”

“Located in Palm Beach County, Florida since 1976 McMow Art Glass maintains an excellent working relationship with top builders, architects and designers and regularly ships their work throughout the US, Europe and South America.”
To learn more about this conference and to register, contact McMow Art Glass using this link or call 561-585-9011. Visit McMow at 701 North Dixie Hwy. in the City of Lake Worth.

The news below comes from Tony Doris at the Post:

Glass Quest 2017 is produced by McMow Art Glass and Wardell Products. Event sponsors include the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District, Bullseye Glass Co., Habatat Galleries and Jen-Ken Kilns. It will take place May 26–28 at 522 Clematis St.
     “Glass Quest 2017 will give local artists the opportunity to network and learn about the evolving world of art glass from industry leaders from around the world,” said Taylor Materio, Creative Director of McMow Art Glass.