Monday, January 29, 2018

“FEC [Florida East Coast] Railway station at Lake Worth, Florida”.

Image Number: DG01369. 1965 or 1966. Source: Howard C. “Pappy” Yochum. Description: 1 digital image, b&w. Click on image to enlarge:
For interesting history about our little City, enter “Lake Worth” into the search bar at “Florida Memory: State Library & Archives of Florida” some time soon. If you would like to contact the State Archives use this link.

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Anonymous said...

There used to be an Ice Cream stand next to the station (IF I remember correctly) called 'The Three Bears'. Open year round, and had .5 and .10 cent cones.
& these were scoops, not out of a machine...
Rumor had it that this was home-made ice cream, and the locomotive engineers would grab one when stopped at the station.