Sunday, May 14, 2017

Artists and Musicians: “Get Involved, Get Connected, Get LULA”.

LULA  =  LUcerne Ave.  +  LAke Ave.: Our two unique east-west Downtown avenues in the little City of Lake Worth.

To become a member of LULA Lake Worth Arts use this link to download the “Artist/Musician Membership Information Form”. For more information contact Emily Theodossakos at 561-493-2550; email:

“LULA Lake Worth Arts is looking for local artist. Lake Worth is fortunate to be sited as a community with an abundant interest and support for the arts. The Community Redevelopment Agency is seeking to revitalize the downtown by infusing arts with other economic development efforts, including live-work studio spaces for artists, new opportunities for artists, and LULA, an arts program geared to making this all happen.”