Thursday, March 16, 2017

Question: Should public demand City remove all Silly Red Signs (SRS) from sight?

UPDATE: It’s come to my attention from a loyal blog reader there is no known cure for RSS (defined/explained below) but research continues. There was a similar outbreak of RSS in El Paso two years ago and another well-documented one in Old Quebec soon after. A French researcher from the WHO coined the term Sthaltus signentititis robrusistiticus (SSR) for those afflicted with RSS and a highly visible SRS.

Coming Soon: There is a manual available which contains a schedule of maintenance and care requirements for your SRS, e.g., bi-monthly waxings, red color enhancers (non-toxic ingredients are an option), and never use bleach on the whites! Too many SRS signs have been damaged beyond repair by even a dab of bleach. Emergency repair instructions are handily available with an index and color tabs. The suggested retail price is $14,999. A little steep but if you have access to family wealth and/or a trust fund it shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you for visiting today and continue reading and learning more about SRS and RSS.

The City of Lake Worth would be well within their right to require the Silly Red Signs (SRS, for short) be removed and put in the backyard or behind the outhouse. To learn more about the SRS use this link.

Not only are the signs a visual nuisance but the signs (see two examples below) are illegal per City code. All signs that display a political message, no matter how silly or stupid, must have a disclaimer. For example,
Political advertisement paid for and approved by The Silly People in the little City of Lake Worth, Florida, 33460.
Or should the SRS be left alone as a reminder of past elections and the silly issues used to try and distract the community from the real issues? Or should the effort be to find a cure for Red Sign Syndrome (RSS)? Everyone with RSS is easy to find and possibly cure: they all have a SRS in the front yard.

Do you know someone with RSS who has more than one SRS? There may never be a cure for that, well, beyond election results that is.

Think about this and attend the next City Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 21st, and speak your mind at public comment. Should every SRS be removed from sight by the City or just left alone as a reminder?

The problem isn’t “Private Development”. The problem was some commissioners in control back in 2010–2012 didn’t have any clue what they were doing.

“HANDS OFF OUR POOL”? Because the pool was ignored back in 2010 it’s now closed for good. What we needed was more competent “HANDS ON OUR POOL at the time.

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Anonymous said...

They need to go. Enough is enough with letting these children play. They are visual pollution. What other city would allow this to go on?