Thursday, March 16, 2017

Breaking News: Palm Beach Post reports good news about Superintendent Robert Avossa and the County School Board.

It’s unclear what reporter broke protocol reporting this news story in The Palm Beach Post today titled, “PBC teacher turns tables, gives awards to superintendent, school board”, but there are certain to be repercussions.

Below is an excerpt from the article which may be updated later with some negativity about Mr. Avossa and the Palm Beach County School Board:

Without fail, the Palm Beach County School Board’s monthly evening meetings are loaded with presentations, awards and recognitions – but almost always ones dispensed by the school board or district administrators to students, educators or community members.
     This Wednesday’s meeting was different. Veteran middle school teacher Betty Wells thought it was time for board members and Superintendent Robert Avossa to receive some recognition.
     Veteran Bear Lakes Middle teacher Betty Wells thanks the school board and superintendent for their work.
     So the Bear Lakes Middle teacher reserved herself a spot on the board’s meeting agenda to formally thank Avossa and board members for their efforts to improve the county’s schools.
     “Today is your day,” she said. “It is my goal to see that you are treated with dignity,” she added.