Sunday, August 27, 2017

“Boil Water Notices” in the City. Information you need to know is provided below.

On the issue of “Boil Water Notices” this may be a good time to consider a switch to clean and affordable natural gas if your neighborhood is one that has that option available. For example, during periods of extended “Boil Water Notices”, such as after a major storm, with natural gas you can still boil water and cook food. If you have an electric stove that’s not possible if the electric is out for an extended period of time.

To learn more contact Florida Public Utilities at 800-427-7712 or use this link to find out more. Remember, 9 out of 10 professional chefs prefer cooking with natural gas.

On social media and elsewhere in the City of Lake Worth there’s been concern about “Precautionary” and other kinds of notices (see image below) about the water supply that comes from the water plant in the City of Lake Worth, through pipes (many which need to be replaced), and then into your home and out of the tap.

Some have been asking questions about what is happening vis-à-vis the noticeable increase in notices from the City. Note that every question one has can be found with just a quick search: type the words, “boil water” into the search bar at the top of the City’s website.

Going forward there are going to be a whole lot more notices when major projects begin to fix all the water lines and infrastructure in this City.

From the City’s website, when this infrastructure project is complete, you will have:
  • Better water pressure.
  • Clear and better tasting water.
  • Fewer boil water notices.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for the City.
These notices are not intended to send anyone into a state of apprehension or uneasiness. It’s required by law to issue “Boil Water Notices” when there is any activity in neighborhoods — e.g., construction, maintenance, pipe replacements, etc. — notices to keep the public informed and instructions on what to do.

Here is an example on the City’s website:
Below is more information on the City’s website: “Lake Worth Water Utilities, At Your Fingertips:

Introducing Lake Worth Water. . .

“Lake Worth has embarked on an ambitious Capital Improvements Project that will replace many of the water pipes which were installed in Lake Worth 50–60 years ago. The project will span six years. Replacing the severely corroded water pipes will provide better water pressure to customers and require little maintenance by city workers.”

Need more information? Here’s another link to the City’s website.

Sometimes the best source for information is your very own “official” City of Lake Worth.