Friday, March 10, 2017

Until 4:00 today: Another good example of the new and improved “New Lake Worth”.*

Please Note: There is an “Open House” today at the Dept. of Community Sustainability from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., located at 1900 2nd Ave. North. Use this link for the press release from the City.

I happened to visit the Dept. of Community Sustainability office on Wednesday for a matter. This office houses the planning, historic resources, building and code enforcement staff. The whole look of the interior has been transformed.

Bright, contemporary colors combine the walls, office furniture and signage. You are greeted by a row of “windows” clearly marked “Customer Service” with a chair in front of each. This allows you to talk face-to-face with the city employee behind the opening. There are more new chairs in a waiting area.

For those who have never visited this office, a large conference room with windows (physically unchanged) lines the eastern wall so you can see who is meeting but not able to hear what is being said. Once in the conference room there are new black chrome office chairs along with more bright, contemporary colors.

I really encourage you to check out the “Open House” all day tomorrow.

The staff was very interested and engaged about whether you were being helped or if there was anything you needed while waiting. This combined with the steady heartbeat of press releases coming from the City’s Communications Specialist† (about time for a better title?) gives me more reason for hope about the future of our City.

We are seeing the transformation of our local government before our very eyes. There is still work to be done in terms of operational efficiency, but again, these changes are positive physical signs that things remain moving in the right direction.

*The idea of changing the name of the City of Lake Worth to “Lake Worth Beach”, “Jewell”, and the most recent idea, “New Lake Worth”, continues to be bantered about and discussed. Possibly an item at a future City Commission meeting?
Would Ben Kerr be the City’s spokesman? Another way of saying “Communications Specialist”? For questions and media inquiries contact Mr. Kerr at 561-586-1631; email:

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's not just lipstick on a pig.

We have all heard how much more pleasant the experience needs to be in that department. The staff has always been very pleasant and helpful. They have never been the problem.

It is what goes on behind the closed very controlled doors. Back there, there is never enough staff. "We're understaffed" is the mantra. That's why we can't get anything out the door on time.

Regardless how many complaints come in about how people are treated when trying to replace their windows, they are still put through the ringer. "You must first try to repair them" they are told. They are told that they can go before the board but it probably won't do any good, the board always sides with staff. People are still just giving up instead of trying to fight with those behind the very controlled doors.

Change comes about very slowly back there. Seems to be one person controlling all that goes on. No one is given any authority to vary the rules. It meets the letter of the rule or you must go before the board.

To a point, this is how it should be done. To a point. But sometimes it needs to be tweaked and regardless how much they have been told this, nothing changes.