Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thank You for visiting today.

Please scroll down for two very important press releases from the City:
  • Community meetings to discuss the Neighborhood Road Bond on Feb. 22nd and the 23rd.
  • Latest news about the Solar Energy Project, the ribbon cutting on Feb. 28th.
The City’s Communications Specialist is Ben Kerr,* a quite capable young man doing a very important job. If you would like to send him a short note welcoming him to our City, send an email to bkerr@lakeworth.org

For Mayor Pam Triolo’s “State of the City Address”—a video and text pdfuse this link.

*If it’s not time-sensitive information you need from Mr. Kerr, please be patient and wait a few weeks. Knowing full-well how the troublemakers work, they’re probably flooding him with mundane requests for obscure details and unnecessary queries.