Sunday, February 19, 2017

Next Tuesday’s City Commission agenda: Excerpts, highlights, and City Manager Michael Bornstein’s job performance is also on agenda as well (see below)

Michael Bornstein was hired in April of 2012. Did you know he was formerly the city manager for Lantana? And in case you weren’t aware, in December of 2011 the former city manager (Susan Stanton), was abruptly fired.

There are some very interesting items on next week’s agenda as you’ll read more about below.

A local blogger wrote after Stanton was abruptly fired, “. . . dwelling on one side of her performance while ignoring the other side of the story. . . is delusional.” Read more about this below.

Check back to this blog on Tuesday for the steps to watch this meeting Live Streaming. If you’ve never tried to do that before, it’s actually very easy. Below are excerpts from next week’s meeting with highlights:

Lake Worth City Commission meeting. City Hall Commission Chamber, Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 6:00
1. Roll Call.
2. Invocation or Moment of Silence (on behalf of Commissioner Andy Amoroso).
3. Pledge of Allegiance led by Commissioner Andy Amoroso.
4. Agenda (additions/deletions/reordering).
5. Presentations (there is no public comment on presentation items).
A. Downtown Jewel Neighborhood Assoc. update.

[and. . .]

9. Consent Agenda (public comment allowed during Public Participation of non-agendaed items [Remember, it's a two (2) minute limit!].

[and. . .]

10. Public Hearings.
B. Ordinance 2017-06 - First Reading - Designate a Mixed Use Urban Planned Development located at 1019 and 1021 South Federal Highway and schedule the public hearing for March 21, 2017.

[and. . .]

12. New Business.
A. Aquatic Facility Assessment. [Question: Should the City build a new pool/aquatic facility at the Beach or build a new pool somewhere else in the City? Click this link and you decide.]
B. Resolution No. 07-2017 - require proof of Business License in order for a property to receive utility service.
C. Evaluation of City Manager Michael Bornstein:

Department: Human Resources.
Executive Brief title: Evaluation of City Manager Michael Bornstein.
Summary: The City Manager officially began work on April 16, 2012 and this is his Annual Performance Review.
Background and Justification: On March 29, 2012, the City Commission approved an employment agreement with Michael Bornstein to serve as City Manager for the City of Lake Worth. A performance evaluation template was distributed to all City Commission members for individual reviews with City Manager Bornstein prior to the February 21, 2017 Commission Meeting. Since the City Manager is a position which, per City Charter, reports directly to the City Commission, any evaluation on his performance from the Commission as a group requires discussion to be held during a public meeting.
Motion: At the direction of the Commission.

To learn more about City Manager Michael Bornstein and the mess he inherited from the previous city manager, Susan Stanton, use this link. Stanton was fired in December of 2011, another local blogger you may be familiar with wrote this at the time:

“In this joyous season, I am celebrating the potential for renewal . . . Yes, I know there are those who are disappointed to see Stanton fired but dwelling on one side of her performance while ignoring the other side of the story. . . is delusional.”