Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TWO VIDEOS. Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo: The State of the City Address, January 31st, 2017.

Mayor Triolo’s concluding remarks from the State of the City:

“It is now time to join together and own a period of time that will be looked back upon by future generations as one of success, responsibility, accountability and positivity . . . the State of your City is good.”

A wide angle view of the crowd.

Last night at the Casino was one of the best speeches ever by Mayor Triolo, including exciting news of things to come confirming what many of you have been hearing about: energy and sustainability for example. Another surprising item was mention of the Midnight Sun Festival coming back. Stay tuned for more about that.

Later today will post the text of the mayor’s speech.

The #1 reason I record these City events (2 videos below) is for the public to see and hear for themselves what happens and what is said by public officials, bypassing the narrowly focused filter of the press for example. Also on my YouTube channel are videos from the Playhouse Debate last Monday. To watch those use this link; click on the red “Subscribe” button and you’ll receive an email when new videos have been uploaded.

The second video below is very short (only 8 minutes, the end of the speech), so if you’re short on time watch that one first and the longer video (the first one), later on today or tomorrow.

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