Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another historic hotel: “April 1, 1965, was a day of sadness and nostalgia for many as the grand old hotel breathed its last.”

The overwhelming (?) heights vote” in 2013. Note the not so ‘overwhelming’ voter turnout. All these years later, thanks in large part to former Commissioner JoAnn Golden and her frivolous lawsuit, our Gulfstream Hotel has a looming “day of sadness”.

The Gulfsteam Hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places. Is that protection from demolition? No. And do you remember the Pennsylvania Hotel in West Palm Beach? My father visited over the holidays and he brought with him a box of old postcards. Here is one about a “grand old hotel breathed its last”:

From Sagas of the Shire: Recalling the Wendell Hotel: “From early afternoon into that evening, some of the hotel’s most faithful regulars gathered in the lounge to say their farewells.”