Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Post editorial board tries to appease the Trump voters: Let’s “bridge that gap”, and please, “with no prejudgment”

UPDATEThere’s a newspaper executive “Post-election analysis” tomorrow:

“On Dec. 14 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center at 7:45 a.m., join our South Florida newspaper executives as they discuss their coverage of the recent presidential election . . . as well as how they combat perceptions of media bias propagated during the recent campaign.”

To register for this Chamber of Commerce of The Palm Beaches event use this link. The newspaper executives will be from:
  • The Palm Beach Post
  • The Miami Herald
  • Sun Sentinel 
  • Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers
    If you recall, on December 7th (and this is not a joke), The Palm Beach Post editorial board held a “Facebook live chat with Trump voters” and. . . 

    “We narrowed our invitation down to a dozen or so [emphasis added] Palm Beach County voters.”

    However, that brings up the obvious question: Will the editors invite a “dozen or so” Democrats in for a Facebook live chat? Possibly discuss why the editorial board didn’t endorse Hillary? And they didn’t endorse Mr. Trump either. Why didn’t they make any endorsement?

    And maybe the editors will discuss this too:

    A full page ad in the Post on Sunday, November 6th, page A5, two days before election day. The editors need to “bridge that gap” with Democrats too, don’t you think?