Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lake Worth City Commission meeting tonight, excerpts & highlights from the “Agender”

Ever watch a City Commission meeting online? Learn how below.

The Consent “Agender” (Item 9) is very long, from A–Z then AA up to FF. It’s a long one. Plenty of opportunity for one particular commissioner to pull some items for monkeywrenching (see below).

To watch this meeting Live use this link and click on “Video of Public Meetings” at the top right of the page. Meeting doesn’t show up? Wait a few minutes and try again. Commission meetings are later archived for the public. See that list using this link.

If you hear or read something about tomorrow’s meeting take a few minutes and see for yourself if what you heard is true or not. Here is the link to the agenda.

When you open up the agenda look on the left side for the “Bookmarks” menu bar. Instead of scrolling through the entire agenda you can go directly to that item. For example, look in the bookmarks section for Item 12B - Ordinance 2017-02 on pages 705–707. This agenda item will be getting a lot of attention.

Below are excerpts and highlights, things you may want to pay special attention to, starting with Item 5 [highlights added]:

5. Presentations (there is no public comment on Presentation items)
A. Proclamation recognizing Farmer Girl Restaurant for supporting the community every year on Thanksgiving Day
B. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Community Police update
C. County Fire Rescue Station 91 recognition for Station of the Year award presented by the County Chamber of Commerce
D. Palm Beach County Cultural Council update
E. South Palm Park Neighborhood Association update
6. Commission Liaison Reports and Comments
7. Public Participation of Non-Agendaed Items and Consent Agenda (public comment allowed during Public Participation of Non-Agendaed items) Note: Two (2) minute limit!

[and. . .]

9. Consent Agenda 
A. Resolution No. 58-2016 - record the official results of the municipal bond referendum election
B. Resolution No. 59-2016 - set the general election ballot for March 14, 2017

[and. . .]

E. Resolution No. 62-2016 - authorize the process for the issuance of General Obligation Bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $40,000,000

[and. . .]

12. New Business
A. Ordinance No. 2017-01 - First Reading - call for a charter referendum election and schedule the public hearing date for January 10, 2017
B. Ordinance No. 2017-02 - First Reading - prohibit conversion therapy on minors and schedule the public hearing date for January 10, 2017
C. Ordinance No. 2017-03 - First Reading - compensation adjustment for elected officials and schedule the public hearing date for January 10, 2017
13. Lake Worth Electric Utility:
A. Presentation (there is no public comment on Presentation items)
1) Update on the electric utility system

[and. . .]

D. New Business
1) Agreement with Turbine Technology Services Corporation for the Gas Turbine Unit-2
2) Annual Florida Municipal Electric Association membership dues for Fiscal Year 2017
3) Professional Service Agreement with Spectrum Systems
4) Proposal with Mock Roos & Associates, Inc. for Park of Commerce Phase 1A design engineering services
5) The City of Lake Worth Electric Distribution System Upgrade from 4.16kV to 26.4kV

This meeting will be a long one. But expect it to go way into the evening if one commissioner, Chris McVoy, PhD, thinks everyone needs a another long lecture on one thing or another, aka “monkeywrenching”. And expect to be reminded several times by McVoy that he has a PhD. It’s easy to forget:

Talk “at great length” and “raise the question” are two of McVoy’s favorites. To really slow things down, he’ll bring up matters “decided upon at the last meeting”.