Tuesday, December 13, 2016

From Facebook: State Senator Jeff Clemens on that decision by The Palm Beach Post

“This is a TERRIBLE decision by our local newspaper. Evidently, what happens in our state capitol is of little interest to them.”

Many people are upset about what happened to reporters John Kennedy and David Rogers. And many in the media are talking about this, well, except for the Post. After the initial announcement there hasn’t been any mention of this in our local newspaper. From reporter Jim Rosica at SaintPetersBlog is this article titled, “Palm Beach Post closes capital bureau, lets John Kennedy go”; an excerpt:

     His [John Kennedy’s] wife, Miami Herald capital bureau chief Mary Ellen Klas, added in her own post: “Sad news for us this holiday season as the troubling trend continues. It’s one more chapter ended but another to come for my resilient, talented and respected (husband).”
     POLITICO Florida scribe Matt Dixon quickly noted on Twitter: “The (Post’s) decision leaves the state’s third largest county without any full time reporters covering state government.”
     The Post is owned by Cox Media Group, which also publishes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Austin American-Statesman and other papers, as well as holds an array of television and radio stations, websites and direct mail companies.

And so it goes. . . How is it Palm Beach County ends up with one of the worst newspapers in Florida? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a paper like the Tampa Bay Times here?