Thursday, January 26, 2017

Election reporting about Lake Worth in the Post: “LOOKING AHEAD TO 2017” and it’s not looking good for journalism. Again.

Does the Post have a problem with Herman? Herman is not a “developer” and he’s not “Willy Wonka” either.

If you know Herman Robinson your reaction was “that’s just ridiculous” or just laughed like I did when you read what Post beat reporter Kevin Thompson wrote about Herman (see image below). If you don’t know Herman personally maybe “Willy Wonka” crossed your mind when you read this from Thompson: “Herman Robinson, a one-time chocolate shop owner”.

Just off the top of my head about Herman:
  • Recently resigned as Chair from the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) to run for District 4 on the City Commission
  • Prior to being the Chair of HRPB was a member of the board
  • Former member of the Planning and Zoning Board
  • Former Chair of the “Yes” PAC for the LW2020 bond
  • Countless volunteer and community efforts
But. . . the reporter writes Herman is a “one-time chocolate shop owner”? Really?

And the media scratches their heads and says, “Why doesn’t the public trust us?”