Wednesday, January 25, 2017

18th Annual Garlic Fest in John Prince Park: “The Best Stinkin’ Party in South Florida” is going to be huge.

We learned recently from Mary Lindsey, the former president (now President Emeritus) of the Lake Worth Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council (NAPC) that the NAPC will be featured with a prized location at Garlic Fest. Very high visibility to engage and promote our little City just to the east of John Prince Park.

Apparently, when the organizers of Garlic Fest heard about the NAPC they decided to learn more and were so impressed they wanted the NAPC to be a part of the BEST STINKIN’ PARTY IN SOUTH FLORIDA! And we also learned that Tri-Rail will play a much larger role than originally anticipated.

The amount of preparation that’s gone into Garlic Fest is amazing. Take a few minutes and check out their website. Remember, Delray Beach was home to Garlic Fest for many years and, well, their loss is our gain. Having this renowned event right next door in the County’s John Prince Park will draw many visitors and tourists to our BEACH! and to the Downtown as well.

For just one example of the preparation, use this link to learn about the “Free Shuttle” from Tri-Rail and Palm Beach State College, parking lots for the event, and they’ll have an “Uber drop off” as well:

Garlic Fest begins on Friday, February 10th at 5:00 p.m. and ends on Sunday, February 12th. To purchase tickets use this link.