Thursday, November 17, 2016

Later today: Meet Maryann Polizzi. She’s running for the District 4 City Commission seat in the City of Lake Worth

UPDATE from Maryann: “The event is outside so please bring a sweater or jacket! Thank you.” And remember, dress appropriately. Note the instructions in the image below (this goes for the press as well).
Come out and hear Maryann Polizzi for yourself. She’s decided to run for City Commissioner for many reasons, one of those reasons is explained below.

First, if you didn’t know, next year’s municipal elections are going to be crowded fields. Districts 2 and 4 will be decided on March 14th, 2017, and the beginning of the qualifying period doesn’t even start until November 29th.

Here’s a short breakdown of the District 4 race: Herman Robinson and Maryann Polizzi are already in the race and there’s word others may want to jump in, the “water’s warm” as they say. The sitting commissioner for District 4 is Ryan Maier and he hasn’t decided what to do yet.

Surprisingly, Maier broke with the commissioner in District 2, Chris McVoy. Maier strongly supported the plan to fix our roads and potholes. That referendum passed by almost 70% of the voters on November 8th.

But what’s soured many in the City about Maier is his support of aggressive panhandlers and any efforts to control the behavior of some of the homeless, certainly not all, but the ones causing all the trouble. He’s been quite public about his lack of support for any anti-aggressive panhandling ordinances.

For residents like Maryann Polizzi that is just unacceptable. And when Maier said at a City Commission meeting that peeing in public “was not that big a deal”, well, a lot of people got very upset about that too.

So to hear Maryann for yourself on this issue and others, show up at the The Birthday Cake House. The house is remarkable by the way. One of the City’s historical treasures.


Anonymous said...

Maryann will surprise a lot of people. Many say she is out of touch but that is not true at all. She is very involved with the city and works all the time with law enforcement. If anybody is out of touch Maier is. He did not work hard to get the bond passed. All he did was vote to let the voters decide. Maier needs to be credited for his work to help the homeless. But there needs to be a balance with residents in his district. If homelessness was so important to him he should get to work for some organization doing work to get people off the street instead of being commissioner. It is not OK for women and children to be harrassed walking down the street and Maier should not condone it. If it take Maryann running for office to bring attention to this then so be it. This is a public safety issue and scaring kids out of parks just is not right. Good for her for taking a stand.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this March's election will have some quality candidates. Herman and Maryann are both very active in the city. Both have positive agendas for the city. I look forward to hearing what they both have to say.