Sunday, November 13, 2016

Strong candidate for dumbest quote of the year: By Lake Worth Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD

“The roads need fixing, but I wish we could’ve figured out a better way to do it,” he [McVoy] said.

Wait. Hold on. You’ve been a City commissioner for how many years now! After the first bond vote failed in August of 2014 you’ve had how long to come up with another idea, any ideas? You’re a scientist? Really?
Mayor Pam Triolo deserves an award for staying polite all these years. How many lectures has she endured? Its time for a change in Lake Worth.

This mind-numbing quote is in an article by the Post’s beat reporter Kevin Thompson. Don’t believe me? Here is the link.

For more news on last Tuesday’s bond referendum below are excerpts from an article in The Lake Worth Herald titled, “Two Thirds of Voters Say Fix the Streets”:

     Voters in Lake Worth overwhelmingly passed the 40 million dollar 30 year bond referendum earmarked for infrastructure improvements in the city.
     A 60 million dollar bond referendum was narrowly defeated two years ago. The difference in the referendums was the removal of the Park of Commerce, a neighborhood enhancement element and the inclusion of a citizens oversight committee.

[and. . .]

     Since the original study, the roads have deteriorated placing more roadway in the PCI [Pavement Condition Index] range which requires complete roadway construction.

[and. . .]

     The bond passed this time with over two-thirds of the voters approving, indicating Lake Worth voters placed a high priority on fixing the roads.
     City Manager Michael Bornstein enthusiastically said, “I'm really happy! Very proud of our City!” Bornstein has fielded “pothole” complaints since being hired by the city and now has the opportunity to do something about it.

[and lastly. . .]

     One thing is for certain, Lake Worth will be a smoother place to walk, bike or drive.

Now back to the article in the Post:
     City Commissioner Christopher McVoy, who has expressed concern over the bond, gave the vote a lukewarm endorsement. [emphasis added]
This coming from a City commissioner who did nothing for how long? Sad. To say nothing of not trying to unify our City after a crucial vote. Again, very sad. District 2 in Lake Worth deserves better representation than this. And so does our City.