Thursday, November 17, 2016

UPDATE: News from Alexa Silverman at the Post: Congratulations Park Vista High School marching band!

An editor at the Post really let down their reporter Alexa Silverman yesterday and today she received an ‘an offering’ of sorts: another news item in today’s print edition! And this time it’s about an event that’s actually in the City. Check back tomorrow for Silvermans news about an event this Sunday in our Downtown.

Post reporter Alexa Silverman’s editor has some explaining to do. Park Vista High School is not in “Lake Worth”. That high school is located far out west close to the Florida Turnpike. The editor may be getting confused about zip codes again. For a refresher use this link.
Park Vista High School is located in “Suburban Lake Worth”, news for everyone that was left scratching their heads after they saw this in the paper on Wednesday (11/15).