Saturday, November 19, 2016

From a Millennial to fellow Millennials: “Don’t you see you're doing it all over again?” Pointing your finger at the woman.

You can say Sam Lichtman is a little angry. He wrote an article in The Hill titled, “Millennials could have stopped Trump, but we didn’t”. An excerpt from the article is below.

The results: Bernie vs. Hillary in the Florida Primary. Now some ‘experts’ think Bernie will lead us Democrats to the promised land. Think again.

     To those who woke up on Nov. 9 yearning for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination, don’t you see you’re doing it all over again?
     You’re blaming Clinton, again! You’re pointing your finger at the woman in this situation.
How about you look in the mirror for a second and reevaluate where you’re placing the blame?
     If you’re curious how the protest and third-party votes affected the election, check out my father’s [Allan Lichtman] system. Pay special attention to Key No. 2, “The Contest Key,” and Key No. 4: “The Third-Party Key,” and you’ll see how the protest vote and the third-party vote helped get Trump into the White House. [emphasis added] 
     To those of us who cast a ballot for Trump, I’m not even sure where to begin. But I still have love for all humankind.
     That being said, I’m embarrassed.
     We could have stopped him, my friends.
     We could have stopped him, but we didn’t.

Less than a week after the November 8th elections the hand-wringing had already begun at The Palm Beach Post editorial board: it was all Hillary's fault, it should have been Bernie all along, and Trump was a terrible choice:
If Trump was a terrible choice why didn’t the Post endorse Hillary? Why run full-page ads for Trump leading up to election day, the last one on Sunday, November 6th? “Drain The Washington Swamp!” is what many Millennials saw.