Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From an armchair, “As I sat there stunned on Election Night by the growing realization that Donald Trump was going to win the presidency . . .”

UPDATE: If you’re like me and not the biggest fan of Frank Cerabino today’s column (11/15) is one to set aside your indifference and read. Here’s an excerpt:

“I know. Some of you are frustrated and sad. But we get the democracy we deserve. And so rallying in front of Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach — a real-estate business blunder he no longer owns — to protest the results of an over-and-done election is about as useful as bringing buckets of water to yesterday’s fire.” Emphasis added. About sums it up, doesn’t it?

The quote in the title above, “As I sat there stunned on Election Night. . .”, is from an editor at The Palm Beach Post. He penned an exhausting, hand-wringing tirade last Sunday (11/13) over the election results on November 8th. Even bringing back the specter of Bernie Sanders like that will go a long way toward unifying all us Democrats together in Palm Beach County!

It’s sort of like, “bringing buckets of water to yesterday’s fire”:
OK, Dear Editor. Let me get this right. Hillary lost so now Bernie is the brilliant one? Almost 73% in the primary disagreed.

It’s still way too early to draw conclusions. But an editor at the Post thinks they have it all figured out now. So all us Democrats can just relax because the Post editorial board are the experts once again. But there’s a few little problems:

If the Post felt so strongly that Mr. Trump was a terrible choice, why didn’t they endorse Hillary Clinton for President?

Why run full-page ads for Trump leading up to election day?

And . . . how many undecided’s saw this ad and decided to vote for Trump?
Readers of The Palm Beach Post woke up on Sunday morning, November 6th, and saw this full-page ad on page A5. “Vote Trump!” & “Drain The Washington Swamp!”.

No one fully knows what went wrong with the Democrat Party in Florida. That will take a whole lot more time to figure out. But we do know this: almost all the press and their editors got it wrong. Now, just a week to the day after the election they want us to believe they have it all figured out now? Ironic isn’t it? The very same ones who led us off the cliff. . .