Friday, October 28, 2016

Wow. What else can you say?

The turnout at Herman Robinson's campaign kick-off for the Lake Worth District 4 City Commission seat was tremendous last night. Standing room only and many who couldn't fit into the meeting hall at Callaro's. If you're the sitting commissioner in that district you have to be wondering why so much enthusiasm for an election 4½ months away (see pictures below).
"What can I do to earn your vote?" Give Herman a call at 561-352-4252. Next election of candidates in Lake Worth is March 14th, 2017. It's not too early to call Herman and ask what you can do to support him.

Although I was unable to attend received many calls and updates. The crowd was diverse and excited to support Herman and his run for City Commission. No doubt many in attendance know of his community service, most of which goes unheralded.
Herman is in the center wearing the dark suit jacket.
Many were left standing outside the hall. A big Thank You for everyone who came out to support Herman.

Stay tuned for future events and ways you can help. The message was loud and clear. It's time for a change in District 4.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Herman Robinson for Lake Worth City Commission, District 4.