Friday, August 19, 2016

Two birds with one stone. . . alcohol carry-out and an amazing, previously unpublished video on my YouTube channel

The blog post below was originally posted on Saturday, 8/13, and continues to be the most-viewed blog post this month, if not longer. Continue reading and Thank You for visiting my blog. 

There is a lot of discussion this week about how Lake Worth prohibits packaged alcohol sales (carry-out) after 10:00 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m. This became an issue when the City sent out a somewhat ambiguous poster to some businesses that could be interpreted that it applied to bars and restaurants. It does not. The City issued a press release clarifying that.

That didn't stop some residents from discussing the merits of the ordinance itself. They wondered when it was passed and made wild assumptions about which commissioners voted for it. To check it out I went to and searched the Lake Worth code. It turns out the ordinance on restricting package alcohol sales was made at the January 5th, 2016 City Commission meeting.

Here is an excerpt from that meeting that shows the vote on that ordinance WAS UNANIMOUS.
That's right. Contrary to what you may have heard, the vote was unanimous to ban packaged alcohol sales after 10:00 p.m.
Then I went to see if I had a video from that meeting. It turns I did and hadn't gotten around to uploading it to YouTube. To check out my YouTube channel use this link. Use the red "subscribe" button to get noticed when new videos are uploaded.

If you go to the 10:15 mark in the video (below) you'll watch the discussion of the ordinance and PBSO Captain Baer comes to the podium to explain why it would help the Sheriff in their duties.

Now things get very interesting.

Coincidentally, another major news item this week happened to be the unanimous ruling by three judges that upheld the City's position on the zoning for the Gulfstream hotel project, specifically dealing with the allowed 65′ height limit and the applicability of the charter amendment on heights.

Starting at the beginning of the video below you'll witness Commissioner McVoy's tortured attempts and equally tortured logic claiming that the attorney used by JoAnn Golden in her lawsuit against the City had some validity. We all know now it didn't.

The back and forth between McVoy and City Attorney Glen Torcivia is a good review of the entire issue. All this is timely due to the favorable decision issued this week on the Gulfstream Hotel redevelopment.

Simply put, three impartial judges proved once and for all that Commissioner McVoy, PhD, and Ms. Golden are 100% wrong. Period. End of story.

Enjoy the video: