Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just a few random thoughts on last night's primary results

Dave Kerner won. By almost 70% of the vote. Drew Martin didn't help himself with his comment at the TCRPC that the City of Lake Worth was cutting down mangroves. A very serious accusation. And also very false. And take note of the clever pull-quote.

In no particular order:
  • Congratulations Dorothy Jacks. There is probably no politician or friend of the City of Lake Worth more loyal to us than Shelley Vana. I've always respected her and still do. But in this one particular case I didn't support her. I'm looking forward to seeing her again some time real soon. And guess what? It's not her job any more to correct Drew Martin during public comment at County Commission meetings!
  • How did Drew Martin get 31% of the vote? Congratulations to Dave Kerner on a well-run race.
  • Jeff Clemens. How could anyone vote against the next likely leader of the Florida Senate Democrats? Now Slosberg really doesn't have a reason to move.
  • Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. Even The Palm Beach Post endorsed him after 18 months of the "Line of Fire: Bullets, Badges, and Death on the Street!" He got 66% of the vote. Wow.
  • Tom Sutterfield is in a run-off for School Board. He lost last time to Erica Whitfield. The Post didn't endorse Whitfield. He should reconsider whether a Post endorsement is worth the trouble.
  • Now we don't have to hear any more that Rebecca Negron is a "pediatric nurse". I wonder how many pediatric doctors voted for her?
  • Bobby Powell. Congratulations! For those of us who know him the result was good karma. PBC Human Rights Council? This one isn't going away. A lot of people are very upset about this.
  • Patrick Murphy is the "giant slayer". He gave Allen West a lesson or two and he'll do the same to Rubio. 
  • David Silvers. Class act.
Well, that's it. Those are the only races that really interested me this time 'round. Relax everyone for a few weeks. And one last thought: The results last night were very good for Palm Beach County. A lot of talented and enthusiastic people are leading the way.

The public has spoken.