Friday, July 15, 2016

The Palm Beach Post wrote ANOTHER editorial about Lake Worth! Wow. Can you believe it?

Yes. It's true. With all the issues going on in Palm Beach County, the little City of Lake Worth is the focus AGAIN of the editorial board in today's (7/15) print edition—this time about Garlic Fest. This latest editorial comes on the heels of the dumbest editorial in years about the City's Casino.

The latest news made in the editorial is this:
The city is still wrangling with builders over flaws in its revamped [emphasis added] Lake Worth Casino.
When it comes to the Casino building they have pretty much exhausted the thesaurus. It's been "rebuilt", "renovated", "restored", "rehabilitated", a "restoration", "redone", "reconstructed", etc., and now its "revamped". Here is a picture of the structure after it was 94% demolished:
Nicely "revamped" is it not? Learn more about the Casino using this link and the "Greenwashing" too.
The editor(s) take some clever political snipes which isn't unusual. Everyone is pretty much immune to it. Maybe if I get around to it will do a blog post about this latest editorial effort but it's not really that important. What is important is what the City's Dir. of Community Sustainability had to say:
“A good number of people have come to realize that we need outside investment,” he [William Waters] said, “we need to be welcoming, we need to be attractive to outsiders to turn our city around."
Considering the latest news about Lake Worth's almost 12% increase in taxable property value over 2015, below is video I took of Waters' presentation at the Palm Beach County Planning Congress' 2016 Planning Challenges seminar. The event took place at West Palm Beach City Hall on June 7, 2016. It is well worth watching if the future of Lake Worth is important to you: Oh, and Thank You for visiting my "extremist" blog.
When it comes to 'extremism' the Post has their own problems to worry about.