Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Blueway Trail and the need to educate yourself and your family

Take note supporters of the Blueway Trail: The propaganda/mis- and disinformation campaign against the Blueway has begun.
This Letter to the Editor published last Wednesday in the Post demonstrates perfectly how ill-informed people can be. Next Tuesday at the Lake Worth City Commission the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council will give a presentation about the Blueway Trail and you are strongly urged to attend. Here is an excerpt from that letter by someone who should most definitely attend and learn the facts before jumping to conclusions:

West Palm Beach has plans [not true, it's not a city project] to connect the chain of lakes to allow small boats access to the Lake Worth lagoon. My concern is for the quality of marine life, human life [huh?] and tourism from discharge that will be flowing into the Intercoastal [sic, s/b "Intracoastal"] Waterway, eventually contaminating beaches.

Look in the right-hand column for Public access to Intracoastal bypassing S-155 Spillway on C-51 Canal or use this link. And then there's this:
"Beautiful blues!" at the Lake Worth Pier at the BEACH! Two published comments below are more examples of uneducated, unhinged hysteria.