Thursday, July 28, 2016

Palm Beach Post editorial board got it wrong. Again. It's not PBC School Superintendant Robert Avossa the public doesn't trust. It's you.

Here is an excerpt from yesterday's Post editorial:

As school officials have surely noticed, this is a year in which voters everywhere are slow to trust government — especially with their tax dollars.

Below is an excerpt from a blog post earlier in the week titled, "THE CASE AGAINST THE MEDIA. BY THE MEDIA":

Today, the only institutions Americans have less faith in than television news (21 percent) and newspapers (20 percent) are Congress and “big business.” That’s pretty damn low — humiliatingly low, especially for a group of people who fancy themselves members of “the Fourth Estate.”
To get some idea of the challenges faced by the Palm Beach County School District, in just one (1) little 6 square mile city called Lake Worth, this video of School Board Member Erica Whitfield at the City Commission in December of last year may offer some insight to the editor(s):